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Zodiac sign of Cancer : traits & relationships explained

Cancer horoscope

22 June and the 22 July

The fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is the sign of the crab. Prone to sudden changes in mood, Cancerians can go from an easy going and patient person one minute to completely irritable, unreasonable and downright awkward the next. Let's just say unpredictability is a common feature.

Appropriately for Cancer, they are great at hiding in their shells sometimes, yet can be very sympathetic and affectionate to others. Deep down they are emotional and sensitive they just need lots of attention. Win a Cancerians trust and anything others say about will go largely unheard.

Personal traits

As the Star Sign of Cancer, you are known for being placid one minute and animated the next - they need attention and love and in return you will get loyalty. Cancerians seek out relationships as they know they are happiest when in love and with a long term partner. Their persona is not always apparent to outsiders and as their manner is not a direct one, it sometimes confuses. Cancerians are usually very intuitive and this is why they are difficult to outwit - they see the changes in people's behaviour easily and are able to tune into people's ulterior motives as a consequence.

So although Cancerians may be sensitive and unpredictable and seem hard to crack through their exterior, they are very intune with others and offer undying support and loyalty once you have won their trust - perfect!

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

As discussed they have a hard as nails exterior persona, and Cancerians mentally are a blend of toughness and softness with a romantic air with the right partner. In love this manifests itself as undying loyalty to both their partner and their family. Both Cancerian men and women give much in love and do not expect in return.

Apart from their partners, Cancerians offer loyalty to their friends and will step through hoops to protect and support those in need that have won their trust. Often it may seem as though they are closing ranks against outside influences, however this is their way of protecting - erecting a barrier to outsiders.

You like You dislike
Pushy people

Cancer Health :

The skin, the stomach and the breasts and lungs are the most important parts of the body for those born under the sign of Cancer where health is concerned. They often have issues with digestion and with the bladder and can also be prone to being overly neurotic due to their active imaginations. This means that Cancer can suffer from hypochondria which although occurring purely in the mind can affect Cancer's health overall. In this way Cancer should take as much care as possible to ensure that they consume a balanced diet rich in the B vitamins which are said to help to calm worry and promote serenity of mind. A balanced diet also goes a long way to helping with Cancer's susceptibility to problems with the intestines.

Fresh fruit and vegetable are a must in Cancer's diet if their intestines are to function properly. Cancer will have to work at this however, building up good eating habits, as they have a tendency to love junk food which, unfortunately, negatively affects the weaker parts of their bodies. Once the habit for eating good food is formed it should then be plain sailing for Cancer and a healthy body will in most cases be the natural result.

As long as Cancer does look after all aspects of health they can generally expect to live long and happy lives. The happy aspect is connected with Cancer's mental attitude to feed Cancer's brain with the right nutrients and their naturally sunny attitude will happily shine forth.

Cancer Money/Career :

Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are closely aware of their financial status and are generally careful overall with money. They can, however, if the mood takes them, be wild and profligate, spending all of their money on causes that are dear to their hearts. Cancer is inventive and full of initiative and ready to take risks. This can result in two distinct possibilities where matters of money and career are concerned: Cancer can either be wildly successful in this area or hardly successful at all. Tending to rely on their imaginations sometimes more than they rely on hard facts, Cancer faces the danger of putting too much energy into financial projects that may never exist anywhere other than in Cancer's mind. As long as they feel they are being treated fairly in the work place the loyal nature of Cancer tends to make them excellent employees. Cancer's love of fairness means that they will give what they perceive they are getting and this is to be remembered if you have someone born under the sign of Cancer in your workforce.

Cancer can do very well when in business for themselves as their natural tendency towards thrift helps them conserve money and avoid waste, two essentials when running ones own commercial enterprise. However, Cancer should also seek business advice when setting up on their own as their imaginations can sometimes run away them and lead them to start attempting to make money in a barren sector. If they start in the correct manner and have good back up then their success in this area is more likely to be assured.

Cancer in Astrology :

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Crab. They are one of the three Water signs, the others being Scorpio and Pisces. Just like Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, we find that Cancer is negative in polarity meaning that they prefer to be self-reliant rather than look outside for help and co-operation.

Cancer is Latin for crab and this is why we associate this zodiac sign with this sea creature. According to most of the mythological accounts this originally derives from the Greek legend in which the goddess Hera placed stars in the sky in the shape of a crab as a reward for the crab�s service to her in its battle with Hercules.

The constellation of Cancer, which lies between Gemini on its West side and Leo on its East side, is composed of few stars relative to the number that make up those of the other signs of the zodiac.

Ruling planet: Moon Element: Water Colour: Violet and silver Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Capricorn

Useful other Cancerian facts :

Element Water
Ruling planet Moon
Ruling animal Crab
Your colour Silver
Star Stone Pearl
Favourite foods dairy, pears, coconut, green beans

Finally some famous (and infamous) Cancerians :

Date Name What they did?
22 June 1949 Meryl Streep Actress
2 July 1929 Imelda Marcos Wife
6 July 1946 Sylvester Stallone Actor
July 7, 1491 Henry VIII Royalty
10 July 1856 Nikola Tesla Scientist
11 July 1934 Georgio Armani Designer
12 July 1937 Bill Cosby Comedian
14 July 1918 Ingmar Bergman Filmmaker / Actress
21 July 1899 Ernest Hemingway Writer


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