Aries horoscope

21 March and 19 April

The zodiac sign of Aries denotes the spring equinox, and you are the first sign of the Zodiac. With new beginnings in mind, the Aries horoscope shows people that are ambitious and enthusiastic, sometimes a little impulsive, but always full of energy and nearly always generous. You like to think outside the box and you are open to new ideas in order to drive new projects or ideas that you have. You like challenges and you are not easily distracted unless your lose patience or concentration.

Personal traits

As the star sign of Aries you are responsible and like to lead. You usually treat others fairly, but do not like to be dictated to – tending to want to take control at the first opportunity.

You are concerned with your self image both from a positive and negative way. You can be self reliant and self centred, self controlling and self motivated to better yourself. You have unbounded energy that channels through your headstrong and relentless drive to become a better person.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits

Personal relationships :

Having been described as direct with the inference being that you have may have a candid streak, you are an enthusiastic energy-abound friend. You may have a high sex drive and be a very passionate lover who likes to dominate.

Because you are impatient you may easily tire of partners or close friends and show irritation by being less than sensitive to their needs. Your drive and impetience could mean you are promiscuous in the early days untli you have found the right partner. Arians are usually devoted to their children and you are probably the most loving parent of all the zodiac signs.

You like You dislike
Being first
Spontaneous things
All out action
Championing causes
Standing waiting
Having to admit defeat
Weak willed people
Advice from others

Aries Health :

For the sign of Aries the head and the brain are the most important parts where health is concerned and these areas of the body should therefore be afforded greater protection. Being primarily quick and detailed thinkers they put a constant strain on their minds and thus Aries is often afflicted with head-aches, sometimes migraines. Aries also traditionally suffers from problems with the sinuses and with the gums. Aries should beware of taking on too much stress as this is the fastest way to cause their health to deteriorate. In order to combat these dangers those of the sign of Aries are best advised to ensure that they eat well and make the attempt to get enough time to relax each day and that they take regular, restful holidays.

Meditation is one of the best recreational activities for the sign of Aries so if you’re of this sign and have never tried this it may be worth looking into. Meditation relieves strain, reduces irritability and returns one to one’s natural, balanced self is just what Aries needs on occasion.

For those born under the sign of Aries the particular food stuffs it would be best for them to avoid in order to keep their bodies and minds as healthy as possible are junk food, coffee (stimulants of any kind, in fact) and too much sugar.

Dehydration is something to look out for as this can easily lead to headaches, one of the ailments to which Aries people are particularly susceptible. Aries can cancel out this danger by ensuring that their intake of pure water remains high.

Aries Money/Career : 

The Aries personality tends to prefer to control things and therefore Aries makes an excellent candidate for self-employment or of being management material. Although good at management of others Aries paradoxically seems often to have trouble in managing their own money and saving is not one of their strengths. Aries tends to spend first but not think it through until later and this can clearly cause problems. Learning to budget properly can take an enormous amount of strain and upset out of their lives.

Due to their wealth of skills, however, the Aries character is generally good at earning big money when willing to put in the mental effort. Those born under the sign of Aries who try hard to combat their money difficulties by saving carefully will generally end up being quite wealthy. A person born under the sign of Aries needs a challenging job in order to be satisfied in the work place.

The Aries character is a competitive one and this can serve them well in the cut-throat world of business. Self-assertive with excellent communication skills they can be excellent at interviews whether they are attending one or interviewing potential employees.

An Aries is happiest in a job that demands more of their mental skills. If they become interested in a project they are willing to spend the extra hours putting the work in. However, if they become bored in their employment there is little chance of them staying around. Aries will be off looking for more engaging employment if they feel that this is happening.

Aries in Astrology :

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Ram. This, according to some sources, arises from the Greek legend in which the Golden Ram rescues Phrixos and carries him off to the land of Colchis. This is the Ram of the Golden Fleece legend.

Just like Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, we find that Aries is positive in polarity which makes them extrovert in personality and outgoing in general rather than being withdrawn or highly sensitive.

Aries is one of the three fire signs, the others being Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War in Greek mythology.

Being the first sign Aries is often seen as the zodiac sign of new beginnings. In this way Aries is associated with first things: dawn, spring and new birth.

Like Leo and Sagittarius, the other two fire signs in the heavenly zodiac, Aries is generally considered to have a masculine, outgoing and assertive nature.

The opposite sign to Aries is the sign of Libra. The House of Libra is also known as the House of Self and the House of Libra is governed by the planet Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology. This martial flavour is reflected in the Aries personality by the traits of boldness and the urge to win and to be first in almost everything that they do.

Ruling planet: Mars Element: Fire Colour: Red Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Libra

Useful other Aries facts :

Element Fire
Ruling planet Mars
Ruling animal Ram
Your colour Red
Star Stone Diamond
Favourite foods beef, tomatoes, apples, red peppers

Finally some famous (and infamous) Arians :

Date Name What they did?
22 March 1923 Marcel Marceau Mime
25 March 1942 Aretha Franklin Singer
27 March 1947 Elton John Musician
30 March 1853 Vincent Van Gogh Artist
4 April 1928 Maya Angelou Writer
6 April 1874 Harry Houdini Magician
8 April 1918 Betty Ford First Lady
13 April 1743 Thomas Jefferson US President
16 April 1924 Henry Mancini Composer
20 April 1889 Adolf Hitler Dictator


20 Jan – 18 Feb

The Aquarius is represented by the symbol of the water bearer and is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac that represents the future. With a strong and attractive personality, Aquarians actually fall into two distinct camps. One is the slightly sensitive and gentle one, the other the lively and enthusiastic aquarian. Don’t expect them to follow the crowd, they do their own thing and think out the box.

Their personality attracts others and Aquarians by and large like the company of others and they have no problem making friends, even if they are the quieter Aquarians. But thanks to their independent streak – getting really close is a bit more difficult. Being creative and intelligent,they use time wisely to think abtou the future and make plans – meaning they sometimes excel at being leaders.

Personal traits

Independent, whacky, intelligent and creative – the Aquarius horoscope reads like an Ad agency creative in full flow. Thinkers and do-ers, they will try lots of new approaches to similar problems – often succeeding. They certainly don’t get bored. This combination, in the right areas, makes them perfect leaders – but for their sometimes unreasonable high standards. They also listen to ideas- but rarely act on them, preferring their own way.

As for their loyalty – once you are a friend, then expect them to be able to help you whatever may come. As a sign of the Zodiac they are a humantarian and will do everything to protect and support their friends. Thus, finding partners and friends is not a problem, especially if their friends are also very independent and so there is a little distance always there.

Looking at some of their weaknesses and not so good traits, their independence can be misconstrued as stubborness or aloofness – fairly so! They are prone to being impatient, bullish, independent and therefore seemingly cold and impersonal. Just remember – they can be very very eccentric – all part of their charm.

Your key traits

The good traits The not so good traits
Loyal Detached
Personal relationships :

So we know that Aquarians can pull a crowd and and have a personality that embraces others and makes them very likeable and sought after as friends. Once they choose their real friendships, Aquarians often have an almost hypnotic effect on the other person – being loyal, making nothing seem to much effort and being ready to sacrifice things.

Unfortunately, they also have high expectations and can be emotionally let down by others that dont come up to their inevitably high standards. Therefore, they sometimes demand unreasonable levels of commitment and emotional partnership. Stubborness can then lead to anger and to an unforgiving streak when let down – rightly or wrongly – as some cannot succeed to expectations.

You like You dislike
Fun times
Intellectual challenges
Travelling and getting away No challenges
Aquarius Health :

The circulatory system is the part of the body most in need of care and attention for those of the sign of Aquarius. Shins and ankles (the bones of the lower limbs in general) are also areas for which Aquarius needs to have particular concern.

Due to their susceptibility to problems concerning the circulatory system Aquarius should avoid cigarettes and high fat foods in general. Any type of substance that would tend to restrict the passage of blood through the veins or arteries of an Aquarius is to be avoided. This, of course, applies to all of the signs of the zodiac but Aquarians are particularly susceptible to arterial blockages. Oats and garlic are ideal substances for Aquarius to include in their diets as these are good for the circulation in general and these also clean and purify the blood. If Aquarius takes care of their circulatory systems by good diet and regular exercise they can avoid the heart problems that are associated with this sign as they grow older.

If an Aquarius develops varicose veins (unfortunately this is also common for those of the sign of Aquarius) they are advised to cut down on their alcohol intake as much as possible as this only serves to exacerbate the problem.

A daily regime of gentle walking is an ideal form of recreation for Aquarius as this is beneficial to all the ailments to which Aquarius is generally prone. Since they can also often suffer from hypertension an Aquarius would do well to investigate meditation along with deep breathing exercises. These two in combination can make a world of difference to the entire body of an Aquarius.

Aquarius Money/Career :

Since the character of Aquarius is imbued with a great concern for logic and clarity, members of this watery sign of the zodiac can often be found to working in the legal profession where they traditionally excel. Since Aquarius has an outgoing and magnetic personality the world of sales is also particularly suited to this sign and we often find that Aquarius comes top in any sales team regardless of the product in question. Their love of rational inquiry also makes Aquarius a very good candidate indeed for the role of scientist, doctor or philosopher.

As long as Aquarius is given a leading or commanding role, those born under this sign tend to work very well in larger groups. Their honed social skills, which allow them to interact easily with those of different abilities, are of great advantage in this area. In this way it is not at all unusual to find Aquarius joining a large organisation on the bottom rung and then quickly moving through the ranks into a position of power and authority. Government bureaucracies are an ideal setting for the character of Aquarius to flourish as Aquarius is accepted as being the type of person who has high social ideals and an interest in the welfare of the wider public as a whole.

Where money is concerned Aquarius does well. Although they are not obsessed with their financial status they tend not to concentrate exclusively in this area because their systematic attitude where numbers are concerned automatically steers them away from difficulties around cash flow.

Aquarius in Astrology :

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the Water Bearer. They are one of the three Air signs, the others being Gemini and Libra. Just like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius, we find that Aquarius is positive in polarity which makes them extrovert in personality and outgoing in general rather than being withdrawn or highly sensitive.

Aquarius is connected with Ganymede (the name of one of the moons of Jupiter) who, in Greek mythology was a beautiful young woman with whom Zeus, the head of the Greek pantheon, fell madly and deeply in love. Zeus disguised himself as an eagle, according to this lore, and carried Ganymede off to Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods, in order that Ganymede would serve as cup-bearer to the deities who lived there.

Aquarius is often associated with water, particularly flowing water, in many ancient tales hence the symbol of water bearer. Aquarius also appears in the ancient Greek version of the tale of the great flood. In this tale it is Aquarius who pours the waters which eventually results in the deluge immersing almost of the creatures of the earth.

Ruling planet: Uranus/Saturn Element: Air Colour: Sky blue Polar or opposite zodiac sign: Leo

Useful other Aquarius facts :

Element Air
Ruling planet Uranus
Ruling symbol Water bearer
Your colour Turquoise
Star Stone Turquoise
Favourite foods turnips, cranberries, avocado, cabbage, nuts
Finally some famous (and infamous) Aquarians :

Date Name What they did?
21 January 1905 Christian Dior Designer
23 January 1832 Edouard Manet Painter
27 January 1766 Wolfgang Mozart Composer
30 January 1937 Vanessa Redgrave Actress
2 February 1902 Charles Lindbergh Aviator
6 February 1911 Ronald Reagan US president
8 February 1928 Jules Vern Writer
12 February 1908 Charles Darwin Scientist
18 February 1954 John Travolta Actor

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